Personalization and Web Design
Web Wizard's Track - Supplementary Sheet to accompany PowerPoint Slides.

Monica Bonett, UKOLN, University of Bath, UK

URLs were functioning when last checked on 15th March 2002.

Examples of sites with personalization features (including the ones in the presentation).
Job adverts from the academic community
University Portal
Buying train tickets
Television listings
Book purchases
General portals
Car purchases (US)
Building favourite aisles when purchasing stationery

General Articles and sites
Monica Bonett, "Personalization of Web Services: Opportunities and Challenges" Ariadne Issue 28, June 2001
The Personalization Consortium

Personalization Frameworks
The Argus Centre for Information Architecture supports an informative website on information architecture
The diagram of an architecture for personalization is re-used (with permission) from Keith Instone, Information Architecture and Personalization, Argus Associates. (December 2000)
SOAP (Simple Object Acess Protocol)

Projects and Software for Libraries and Educational Institutions
Headline Project
Headline PIE
Paschoud, J., Making the PIE ...GEL, Cultivate Interactive, 4, 7 May 2001.
MyLibrary Development Page
Morgan, E.L., Personalized Library Interfaces, Exploit Interactive, 6, 26 June 2000.
Useful list of library-related personalization articles at Lund University

UKOLN metadata pages
IMS Global Learning Consortium
IMS Learner Information Specification

P3P Platform for Privacy Preferences
P3P 1.0 A New Standard in Online Privacy

Commercial Personalization Products
Changing Worlds
and others

Discussions on terminology:
SIGIA-L mailing list archive - Subject: Customize vs. Personalize

The IMesh Toolkit Web Pages are at
The JISC/NSF Digital Library Initiative
UKOLN web pages are at
The Resource Discovery Network
The Subject Portals Project

Printed Materials
Loren Terveen and Will Hill. Beyond Recommender Systems: Helping People Help Each Other in Human-Computer Interaction in the New Millenium. John M. Carroll (ed.), Addison Wesley, New York (2001).

Communications of the ACM. Special Issue on Personalization. August 2000, Vol 23 (8).

Joint DELOS-NSF Workshop on Personalisation and Recommender Systems in Digital Libraries, 18-20 June, Dublin, Ireland