Internet Librarian International 2007

New Realities, Roles and Resources
Internet Librarian International 2007

8-9 October 2007 • Copthorne Tara Hotel, London
PreConference Master Classes
Sunday, October 7

The Internet Librarian International Master Classes are designed to offer in-depth, interactive learning in small groups. The instructors are experienced librarians and information professionals who are practicing experts in their subject areas. Register for a Master Class and increase the value you obtain from attending Internet Librarian International.

Master Classes are priced separately and lunch is included.
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M1 — International Business Information Resources
10:00 – 13:00
Jane Macoustra, Tai-Pan Research (UK)
Marydee Ojala,
ONLINE Magazine (USA)

Take a trip around the world of business information without ever leaving London! Jane Macoustra, an experienced business researcher who has recently returned to the UK from Hong Kong, and Marydee Ojala, who has lived and worked in both the USA and Europe, will present a wide array of resources and tools that will help you solve those troublesome global business research issues. They will explore the intricacies of transborder business research and place traditional, fee-based and free web sources into an international context. Company and industry information sources, cultural and legal differences inherent in the global business research process and language challenges are covered. As business becomes ever more international and information more readily available, finding accurate and comprehensive company, industry, market and economic information is a vital skill.


M2 — Repositories and Digital Initiatives
10:00 – 13:00
Frank Cervone, Northwestern University (USA)

Institutional digital repositories are all the rage, but not all repositories are created equal. Implementing and maintaining an institutional repository raises complex questions about organisational resources and strategies, as well as questions about roles and responsibilities. Is this a different publishing model, a new approach to scholarly communication or an outreach for collection building? This Master Class will help you identify the critical issues involved in setting up an institutional digital repository. What software is available? How does a repository work in a practical sense? What should you consider when migrating material to newer technologies? What standards should you follow? Frank Cervone, assistant university librarian for information technology at Northwestern University, will also provide information on how your repository can substantially improve digital preservation. Librarians who lead the way in implementing repositories will transform themselves to active partners in the dissemination process and guarantee their future relevance. Through this step-by-step road map and by looking at examples of repositories that have been implemented in many different countries, you’ll leave this session ready to plan your own.

M3 — Using Blogs Effectively within Your Organisation
14:00 – 17:00
Brian Kelly, UKOLN, University of Bath (UK)
Kara Jones, University of Bath (UK)

The dust is starting to settle after the initial heady rush of blogging onto the library scene. While the benefits of blogging have been well
documented, it’s now time to take a step back and look at some very practical elements involved with identifying potential barriers to implementing a sustainable blogging service within your institution. This workshop will offer real user experiences with issues of using blogs and blogging in library settings. This Master Class will start with a few blog fundamentals: how the tools have developed, blog-specific search tools, and blog aggregators. Next are issues involved in setting up a blog, such as selection of software and hosting decisions. Using best practice examples, we will move on to policy and procedural considerations, such as blog scope, writing style and frequency of publication. Finally, we’ll discuss how to measure the success of your blogging efforts, focusing on user feedback, return on investment and impact assessment. The workshop will be of interest to those who are new to blogging and to those who have experimented with blogs but would like to learn more about strategies and metrics for developing a sustainable and cost-effective blogging service.
M4 — Communicating, Influencing and Negotiating for Results: The Human Face of Collaboration
14:00 – 17:00
Liz Blankson-Hemans, Thomson Scientific/Quantum2 (UK)

Communicating, influencing and negotiating are fundamental life skills. These skills occur between parents and children, employers and employees, professionals and clients and between agencies and the public. Not only do these skills feature prominently in day-to-day business, they also permeate everyday life; without them, it is almost impossible to succeed in the long term. Since sooner or later we will have to deal again with the same people involved in our exchanges, these life skills are also processes in which relationships are built, strengthened and renewed. Join us to develop your skills in these common problem-solving or relationship-building techniques in an age when collaborating in a networked environment demands more than just technical skills in order to reach out to your userbase. This Master Class, presented by Thomson Scientific’s director of information professional development and manager of the Quantum2 Leadership Development Programme for Europe and Asia Pacific, Liz Blankson- Hemans, will include exercises to increase your ability to practice and develop your communicating, influencing and negotiating skills.

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