Monday, 19 October 2015

10.00 – 17.00
, Freelance, Information Specialist and Independent Consultant
, Online Searcher magazine

Sharpen your search skills, keep up with the changing web world, and learn the vital elements of effective research at WebSearch Academy.

Effective research on the web is a critical job skill in many work environments. Anyone can enter a few words into a search box, but what sets information professionals apart is their ability to use multiple search engines, advanced search techniques and specialised sources to quickly hone in on relevant, reliable answers.

The web is in constant fl  New online resources, changes in search algorithms that alter results,  legal constraints, and emerging technologies affect how and where we do research on the web.

WebSearch Academy offers the perfect opportunity to learn from world-class power searchers. This one day event will enhance your search creativity, provide essential information about changes in search engines, introduce new resources, and put it in context for serious researchers - information professionals, librarians, documentalists, freelancers, journalists, information managers, and others who take research seriously.


  • Revisit how you use the internet for research, whether it is for academic data, competitive or marketing intelligence, company information, business news, scientific research or even where to find the best bargains.

  • Rethink your approach to search. Join search veterans and industry observers to learn the latest strategies and techniques for searching online.
10.00 – 17.00
, Cetis, University of Bolton
, Department of Communication and Systems, The Open University

Despite the uncertainties faced by librarians and information professionals, technology continues to develop at breakneck speed offering many new opportunities for the sector. At the same time, technological developments can be distracting and may result in wasted time and effort.

This workshop will help participants identify potentially relevant technological developments by learning about and making use of processes for spotting and prioritising signals which may indicate early use of technologies of future importance.

Having identified potentially important technological developments, organisations then need to decide how to respond. What will be the impact on existing technologies? What are the strategic implications and what are the implications for staff within the organisation?

This interactive workshop will provide opportunities to address the challenges in understanding the implications of technological developments and making appropriate organisational interventions.

10.00 – 17.00
, Bibliotheekservice Fryslân FabLab Benelux Foundation
, Coding Pirates and CounterPlay Development consultant Dokk1 Aarhus

Introducing ‘making' to libraries is all about putting the user at the very heart of the service, and recognising that user knowledge and know-how is valuable in its own right. We are evolving good practice with this in mind - restating the very idea of what is meant by the term ‘library' in the minds of library staff and users - so that, in future, libraries can support both knowledge production and consumption.

Of course, this is about establishing flexible maker spaces. But library staff must also work in new ways if they are to successfully introduce play, creativity, prototyping, digital tools and materials into the library. Without this, libraries run the risk of being outpaced by digital developments.

This workshop will begin with a short scene-setting introduction to making in libraries, drawing on the workshop leaders' broad- ranging experience. Next, participants will have a chance to get involved in making and content development, as well as getting 'hands-on' exploring the maker instruction sets and kits that our team routinely help library users to publish each day, to underline the value and scope for interactive and peer-to-peer learning opportunities in libraries.

The workshop will conclude with a discussion about ways to support creative and playful making in libraries, and the role of libraries as community publishing platforms, designed explicitly to help distribute library users' knowledge, know-how and ideas. 

This is the Pre-conference Workshops day of the Conference Programme.

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