Top tips for ILI delegates

2018-01-09 09:00:24

Attending ILI? Top tips for delegates

Long-time delegate, speaker and member of ILI's conference advisory board, Alison McNab provided these top tips for ILI's 2017 delegates, but they apply to all attendees every year, especially if you're new to ILI. Have a quick read of these helpful hints for getting the best out of your ILI experience ...

Alison McNabPrepare for the conference
Before you arrive, consider which sessions you wish to attend and make a note of them.  You will receive a copy of the final programme when you arrive; this will be particularly helpful for indicating which room each session will be held in and also any last-minute changes to the speaking programme.

Decoding the programme:  There are three tracks each day: A, B, and C. In addition to the keynote and plenary sessions, there are six talks in each track on Tuesday and four on Wednesday.  Each session is coded according to the track, day of the conference, and the order of the talks. For example, A101 is the first talk in track A on the Tuesday and B204 is the final session in track B on the Wednesday.  Each track has a theme; please feel free to move between tracks but please try not to do so when a speaker is presenting.

There is also an additional track called ILI Extra offering small workshops that provide an alternative to the main three tracks.  You can read about these on the programme and sign up for them on site at the conference reception area; no need to pre-register before you arrive at ILI.

If you have business cards, do bring them: they are useful for both exchanging contact details with other delegates and entering competitions run by sponsors.  If you don’t have any, consider ordering some from the many online companies that offer them (or make your own).  Don’t forget to include your social media account details and do check for spelling mistakes before pressing send on your order!

During the conference

Other things you might need

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