ILI's programme announced

2017-07-05 05:13:54

ILI's Programme Director, Val Skelton, reflects on this year's newly-announced conference programme ...

After spending months crafting the conference programme, it’s a pleasure to step back and review your work – and anticipate the conference experience itself.

The first thing you notice when looking at the programme is the incredible range of case studies and topics proposed by our international speakers. Internet librarians are expert marketers, leaders in tech, organisational influencers and change managers, workshop designers, community leaders, space planners, team builders and leaders, skilled data crunchers and expert internet searchers.

And they are even more than that – they are experimenters who like to get things done, try things out and are happy to learn from and work with others. The breadth of the ILI programme simply reflects the range of roles, skills and initiatives librarians are demonstrating every day.

Kate Torney – our Day One keynote speaker – acknowledges everything we do – and will call on us all to celebrate and shout about what we are capable of!

The amazing range and impact of the internet librarian

I thought I’d highlight just 10 conference sessions that demonstrate the breadth and scope of ILI

But don’t take my word for it – take the time to review the full conference programme and plan your own path through the topics.  Hopefully we will see you there!

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