Kate Torney to give ILI 2017 Keynote

2017-04-26 05:40:33

Former ABC News Director and now CEO of Australia’s State Library of Victoria, Kate Torney is announced as ILI's opening keynote speaker this year. Kate - Chief Executive Officer of Australia's oldest and busiest public library - celebrates the quiet revolution within libraries and the sector's embrace of disruption, and suggests that the time for modesty is over. She comments, “The library sector offers a great example of successful transformation in an age of digital disruption and the results are something to shout about. In Victoria, public libraries have never been busier, as library leaders have quietly re-imagined their services and programs and enhanced the role of the library as a trusted, much loved community resource. 

   “Far from under threat, these libraries represent an inspiring story of transformation; of the ability to reshape iconic institutions to ensure they remain relevant and highly valued for generations to come.”

Kate's Keynote will open ILI on Tuesday 17 October 2017. ILI's full conference programme is announced in June. To hear it first, leave your details here.

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