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Internet Librarian International 2010: 14-15 October 2010, Workshops 13 October, Novotel London West, London, UK
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Wednesday, 13 October 2010
Session W1 - Effective Use of the Social Web in Organisations
10.00 – 13.00
Brian Kelly, Cetis, University of Bolton

The benefits of the social web for libraries and information departments are now evident and many have adopted blogging, microblogging, and other social network tools. But the deployment of such services can be hindered by various barriers, such as concerns over legal issues, misuse, copyright infringement, perceptions of relevance and appropriateness, and concerns over reliability and sustainability. Individuals may worry about their use of social media in a professional context. Ways of addressing such concerns include use of appropriate policies covering use of the social media services and procedures for addressing problem areas (such as rapid take-down policies), risk assessment and risk management approaches as well as the need for staff development and training. This workshop session will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss barriers they have encountered and explore how such barriers can be surmounted.

Session W2 - WebSearch Seminar
10.00 – 13.00
Marydee Ojala, Online Searcher magazine

Today's difficult economy requires information professionals to keep on top of technological and content changes that affect their ability to deliver relevant research results in a timely, cost-effective manner. It is the intricacies of search, the knowledge of niche search engines and the use of  advanced search techniques that sets information professionals apart from the amateurs and validates their value to their organisations. This workshop, given by an experienced web researcher, investigates power search methods, alternative search engines, geographic differences, multimedia search, real time and social resources, special search features and specific  information-rich websites in a variety of subject disciplines. Learn tools, techniques and tricks to enhance your competency, creativity and current awareness of web search. Take your search skills to the next level by attending this updated seminar.

Session W3 - Library Mashups
14.00 – 17.00
Tony Hirst, Department of Communication and Systems, The Open University

Although there is a surfeit of content now available via web syndication feeds such as RSS and Atom, knowing what to do with it can be something of a problem. In this workshop, technology expert Tony Hirst will review what RSS is, what it can do, where it can be found, how you can generate it, and most importantly of all, what you can usefully do with it. He will describe practical examples of how to use RSS within the library context, in particular drawing on Yahoo! Pipes as an environment for developing with no programming experience required – your own Library mashups. If you've ever wanted to build your own feed aggregator, filtered or not, or your own TiCToCs feed'n'reading list powered current awareness tool, this workshop will show you how.

Session W4 - A Roadmap to the Hyperlinked Library
14.00 – 17.00
Michael Stephens, San Jose State University & Tame the Web

What does a connected world of continuous computing mean for 21st century libraries? This workshop provides a roadmap toward becoming the hyperlinked library – transparent, participatory, playful, user-centred, and human, while still grounded in our foundations and values. The notion of the hyperlinked library is relevant to academic, public, government, and commercial libraries, having its roots in the library 2.0 philosophy of collaboration, transparency, and empowerment. Bringing the library staff right to wherever the user happens to be online is a key component. But how do you do that – and how do you do it well? Emerging technologies will force many information professionals into thinking about new ways to reach their users and potential users. The roadmap that Michael Stephens has developed will ease your journey towards the hyperlinked library.

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