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Richard P Grant

I have fifteen years' research experience in industrial and academic laboratories, in Oxford, Cambridge and Sydney. I specialized in how the structure of biological macro-molecules determines their cellular function. In April 2009 I joined the Faculty of 1000 as the Information Architect, where I have responsibility for the f1000.com web service and our Social Media strategy. More generally, I am interested in increasing scientific literacy and how we communicate the nuts and bolts of modern scientific research with a lay audience.

I keep a weblog ('The Scientist') at Nature Network, writing for general and specialist audiences and concentrating on the scientific lifestyle and the interaction of science with everyday life. My 'Life of a Lab Rat' was one of the most widely read and popular weblogs at the University of Sydney. I have twice published short fiction in the Futures series in Nature, with a third on the way, and I also write for Chemistry World. My other short fiction and poetry is published at LabLit.com, under the pseudonym rpg: I am also LabLit.com's Fiction and Poetry editor.


Sessions by Richard P Grant
Thursday 15 October   10.45 – 11.30   B101: Managing E-Resources
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