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Wednesday 14 October
Workshop W1 - Making the Business Case
10.00 – 13.00
Ulla de Stricker, de Stricker Associates

An inherent challenge for information professionals in all types of libraries involves the justification of funding for new initiatives and the often difficult-to-quantify contributions of their initiatives to their organisations. A changed economic climate necessitates new approaches to making a business case. In this practical workshop, Ulla de Stricker, information consultant and book author, explains why, when and how a formal business case can be used as an effective tool for gaining support, discusses the psychology of decision making and demonstrates a logically sequenced progression for structuring a business case for demanding financial environments.

Workshop W2 - WebSearch Seminar
10.00 – 13.00
Marydee Ojala, Online Searcher magazine

As web search engines permeate the information landscape and everyone becomes a searcher, it is the intricacies of search, the knowledge of alternative search engines and the use of advanced search techniques that set information professionals apart from the amateurs and validate their value to their organisations. ONLINE editor Marydee Ojala, a veteran researcher, shows you how to go beyond Google. This workshop will cover the latest feature changes in web search engines,
little-known power search tricks, evaluation techniques, relevant research-oriented websites and niche search engines. Take your search skills to the next level by attending this updated seminar.

Workshop W3 - Introducing Computer Gaming to Your Library
14.00 – 17.00
Mats Nordstrom, Malmo City Library

Drawing on his experiences at Malmo Public Library, Mats Nordstrom talks about how to bring the computer gaming culture into the library. Learn how to create highly successful gaming events. What value can you add to content that will bring a sense of community and loyalty to the library? Various gaming initiatives within Swedish libraries, such as the new library in Kista that will have a 3D gaming environment, are closely linked to the Kista Feed that just went public. Other libraries in Europe and the USA have embraced gaming as a learning initiative. If you've been sceptical of the benefits of computer gaming, if you think games don't belong in the library, or if you're a gaming enthusiast who wants to introduce gaming into your library, this workshop will help you overcome your doubts and give you ideas on how to incorporate gaming in virtual and physical libraries.

Workshop W4 - Planning, Building and Launching a Video Blog
14.00 – 17.00
Jose Castillo, thinkjose

This hands-on workshop will cover the basics of planning, building and launching a video blog. Whether you are an individual or part of a large corporation, you will learn the power of user-generated content tools for capturing, editing and sharing video online. Attendees will get a chance to participate as we launch our own video blog during the workshop. Easy-touse video capture devices, basic video editing tools and online distribution platforms for your video blog will be covered.

Workshop W5 - Using Blogs, Microblogs and Social Networks Effectively Within Your Library
14.00 – 17.00
Brian Kelly, Cetis, University of Bolton
Marieke Guy, Community & Outreach Team, UKOLN , University of Bath

This workshop will offer practical experiences on issues of using social media in your library. Starting a blog, deciding to microblog and contributing to social networks are relatively simple: Setting policies and procedures, choosing tools and measuring the impact are not. Learn how to measure the success of your social networking efforts, focusing on user feedback, return on investment and impact assessment. Is organisational rather than individual use a sensible approach? The session will
provide advice on best practices on the use of social networking services in an organisational context.

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