Internet Librarian International 2008
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Novotel London West
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Technological change and development over the past decade has been breathtaking, but the challenge remains the same: to understand the impact on – and benefits to - your library or information centre.

Internet Librarian International continues to meet that challenge head on.

Here's what you said about Internet Librarian International 2008:

Thanks for a great conference!

A brilliant conference really is the only one that I go to once per year and it never fails to have something to interest me. I also meet so many people - working remotely with my counterparts here in the UK this is really a treat!

I enjoyed attending the conference and the range of speakers was very good.

I love ILI, and will no doubt attend next year.

5 important reasons to attend Internet Librarian International 2009:

  • LEARN how to evaluate and implement technologies and techniques to directly benefit your organisation

  • HEAR from some of the world’s most experienced and influential practitioners and developers

  • NETWORK with information colleagues from around the world and learn from their experiences - both good and bad

  • SHARE knowledge, tips, tricks and resources for keeping up to speed in today’s constantly-evolving information arena

  • TAKE HOME practical and proven how-to advice that you can put to work right away in your own information environment


See you in London!

Conference Chairs

Marydee Ojala,
Editor, ONLINE Magazine, USA []

David Raitt, Editor, The Electronic Library, The Netherlands